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haskell-player - a terminal music player based on afplay
The Daily Checklist - a visualization of one year of things done
Hashire Hamusuta - an Android game to help people to stay active
gist-txt - a minimal text adventure engine
Meme Coworking - coworking space in Treviso
Hackatron - I’m the co-founder of this group of developers, designers, tinkers
Draw! - a social flavored online pixel art editor
Tomatoes - a Pomodoro Technique® driven time tracker


TechPeaks blog - my 10 days at TechPeaks, an accelerator program in Trento
jQuery Instagram plugin - a jQuery plugin to search and show your Instagram pictures easily
Finger Wars - a simple Android game
OTOH firmware - firmware for a hardware interface designed for real time and manual beat slicing
GitUp - a tool to vote and prioritize GitHub issues
Count Down Timer - minimal count down timers for the web
ASCII art API - HTTP API to create ASCII art
Waveform - little Rails application to render mp3 waveform
FAT (Fast Activity Tracker) - use Twitter to track your working time
Smood it - a social network to share your mood with your friends
[ArcaCMF][arcacmf] - an open source modular content management framework
Dietista .it - online tools for dieticians and nutritionists
Dietist Helper - a Java application to manage dietist patients data like weights, BMIs and notes